Our vision

  • To be the leading Training Centre in South Africa
  • To ensure that our training venue offers all the modern conveniences
  • To grow our training brand into a National training Brand in South Africa

Our values

  • To provide outstanding training
  • To provide excellent service
  • To be dedicated & committed
  • To have highest level of technology
  • To be innovative
  • To be have integrity and be honest

Our pledge to YOU:

  • Provide quality education
  • Be responsive to training needs of the community, business and industry in our area
  • Prepare all learners for the working world
  • Guide learners to be morally and socially responsive
  • Link theory and practical information to benefit the learner in the workplace

Why choose us?

Saryx, together with the SkillUp Training Centre, are committed to providing the disadvantaged black youth in our local community with quality skills that will enable them to be employable and self-sufficient.

We believe in Shared Value through Collective Impact. BBBEE for cause – meaning – our priority is to support real empowerment of young black people who face the daily and lifetime struggle of uplift themselves. We do this by providing the facilitation for the training of essential business and software skills. This contributes to the entire community, including you and me.

At Saryx we believe that teaching a man to fish is better than giving a man a fish.

By supporting the idea of providing training to our local community, you support the idea that upskilling our local disadvantaged youth, mentoring them on their journey, with an ultimate objective of creating a qualified employee pool where business may select and employ these candidates, makes our entire community a better place to live, because a community is only as strong as its weakest member.

When considering your training spend, we hope that you will consider your local community first. With your support, we can continue to grow the training centre adding additional courses that support a range of possible careers, generating hope and creating possibilities for the future.

If you are using the training centre for internal training, then local training will save you time and money on travel and accommodation.

We engage with a number of NPO’s aimed at supporting black youth (with a focus on women and the disabled) all of whom would be welcome recipients of further education. Without active participation in the cause by local business, the above objectives will not be met.

We are committed to sustainable upliftment and empowerment through education