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Multiple ways to track

Now companies can track employees and contractors to avoid the unnecessary spread of the Coronavirus and, with the data collected, identify possible outbreaks and affected regions or departments. The service is available via the web or via a mobile or handheld device.

Data can be captured by employees and contractors or, by security via a handheld device, during clock in.

Track via the Web

Employees or contractors are able to capture and save their Coronavirus data at the boom gate and record their measured temperature upon entering site/s using the HSEC Online® App on their mobile devices or via the Internet.

Track using your phone*

Employee and contractor details are captured by the security guard using the HSEC Online® App on a handheld device. The security guard scans the employee/ contractor QR code (or searches employee by name) and records any anomalies.

Tracker reporting

The Employee Wellness Tracker sends alert emails to the necessary departments/ managers notifying of any existing employee symptoms or the information may be downloaded directly from
HSEC Online®.

*Depending on the handheld device model purchased, temperatures may be recorded automatically by the handheld device reducing the need for a separate thermometer and reducing the clock in times.


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