klinger case study

Client KLINGER (PTY) LTD and KLINGER Mzansi (Pty) Ltd is a gasket manufacturing and distribution company to various petrochemical and power generating business units across South Africa.

KLINGER and KLINGER Mzansi strive to improve and to provide its employees with accessibility to a safety management system that is up-to-date and company-specific with warning notifications for expired documents as well as legally compliant documents. After looking for a solution, the company decided to use HSEC Online for a tailor-made solution to suit their requirements as well as for their client’s requirements.

After using HSEC Online services, KLINGER Mzansi noticed changes in the way they did business, their environment, and their training. The company scored 98% during an audit from Sasol using the HSEC Online management system. Training requirements for various sites are now always updated and there are no more expired medicals or training to worry about!

“For long-term survival, sustainability and profitability it is critical that the company become accustomed to continuous changes and improvement in everything we do. The alternative is stagnation, regression and eventually, we shall perish. That is not KLINGER.”