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Some things to know before you give your talk.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Accidents and incidents are preventable:


  • Remind your team to always report unsafe working conditions. They may be the first to see a hazard or defect that could cause an accident. Report those frayed electric cords, cracked ladder rungs and unprotected floor openings immediately!
  • Your team should report all Near Misses as soon as possible. Near Misses are a clear indication of a risk that could have resulted in an accidents or incidents.
  • Tell them to keep their work area clean and orderly. Pick up the things they drop that may cause someone else to trip or fall. Keep materials stored neatly and keep walkways clear.
  • Remind your team that it’s everyone’s responsibility to watch out for new people to help avoid accidents.
  • They can also help new workers on the job. If they have questions about their work, help train and instruct them. Show them the best (and safest) way to do the job.


Pre-plan to prevent accidents

Remind your team about the importance of pre-planning for safety reasons. Talk to your team about removing the hazards before they result in accidents. Since hazards vary from job to job, we must constantly be aware of hazards that might be encountered.


Questions you can use to get them talking

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  • Is there anything else we should be doing to train new workers in safety?
  • What are the most likely accidents on this job? How can we pre-plan to prevent them?
  • Get everyone in your team to point out one thing they have done recently to make this a safer job.


Questions you can use to get them talking:

  • Wearing a hard hat and safety glasses
  • Securing ladders
  • Discarding broken tools
  • Wearing gloves
  • Using the right tool for the job

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