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Did you know that finger and hand related injuries account for 18% of all disabling injuries?


Some things to know before you give your talk.

Remind your team that our hands are exposed to more hazards than any other part of the body and can easily be injured. Lacerations (cuts), fractures, dislocations, soft tissue injuries, burns…

Chemicals or hazardous materials present their own special or unique hazards. Before using any chemicals or hazardous materials, the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) on that material should be reviewed to determine what personal protective equipment is required that includes the necessary hand protection.


Finger and hand related injuries account for 18% of all disabling injuries. Hands can be:

  • Caught in machines
  • Crushed by objects
  • Cut by saws, wires and other objects
  • Burned, punched and scraped
  • Sprained
  • Bruised
  • Strained
  • Twisted
  • Fractured
  • Amputated

To prevent any of these injuries always be aware of pinch points and other hazards and never work without your gloves that the job specification requires.


Questions you can use to get them talking

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  • Does everyone have adequate hand protection for their job?
  • Does everyone know where the Material Safety Data Sheets are located?
  • Has anyone ever had a hand accident – or know of someone who has?
  • Ask your team to think about what life would be like without their hands.
  • Ask them to think about how many hundreds of times they use their hands each day.

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