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What is an Incident Report?

Incident reporting is the process of documenting all details regarding worksite incidents and accidents, injuries, near misses, property and equipment damage, health and safety issues, security breaches and misconducts in the worksite and should be completed at the time an incident occurs no matter how minor an injury is.


OHS Act: Section 24.1 Incident Reporting

“Each incident occurring at work or arising out of or in connection with the activities of persons at work, or in connection with the use of plant or machinery, in which, or in consequence of which:

    1. Any person dies, becomes unconscious, suffers the loss of a limb or part of a limb; or is otherwise injured or becomes ill to such a degree that he is likely either to die; or suffer a permanent physical defect; or is likely to be unable for a period of at least 14 days either to work or to continue with the activity for which he was employed or is usually employed.
    2. A Major incident occurs, or
    3. The health and safety of any person must also be reported to an inspector:
        • Where a dangerous substance was spilled;
        • Where the uncontrolled release of any substance under pressure took place;
        • Where machinery or any part thereof fractured or failed resulting in flying, falling or uncontrolled moving objects; or
        • Where machinery ran out of control.

Shall, within the prescribed period and in the prescribed manner, be reported to the inspector by the employer or the user of the plant or machinery concerned, as the case may be.”


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The HSEC Online® Ticketing Module allows you to capture your near misses, incidents and accidents in real time using the HSEC Online® Mobile App.
You can include the details of the incident, all the witness statements, the evaluation of the root cause and advise of possible risks and corrective actions to eliminate or mitigate, with the purpose of preventing similar future occurrences.
Incident reports can also be used as safety risk analysis documents that indicate potential risks and uncontrolled hazards found in the worksite.

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