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TOOLBOX TALK 40/60: LABOUR PASSENGERS OBJECTIVE: TO ENSURE PASSENGERS KNOW THEIR SAFETY RULES Click here to see more and to download this week’s toolbox talk…  

TOOLBOX TALK 21/60: Working with fuel

Even if it is only in fueling their vehicles to get to work, your crew comes in contact with Petrol and diesel in some capacity everyday. As supervisor, you need to warn them of the hazards of these fuels and the environmental pollution they can cause. Click here to download this weeks toolbox talk…

TOOLBOX TALK 14/60: Fire Extinguishers

Some things to know before you give your talk: Remind your crew that there are several types of extinguishers around the job site and that they are intended for different types of fires. You need to check and make sure that it is serviced and not tampered with each day.   Click here to download […]