Work has changed, but that doesn’t mean employees can forget workplace etiquette. More employees are at the office again. Some might be inclined to bring their work-from-home habits and etiquette back to the office. Some etiquette relates to the results of how COVID-19 changed our workplaces and lives.

Recognise personal space

  • The preferred etiquette is to keep 1 metre apart when engaging with colleagues. In meetings, you need to distance chairs 1 metre apart. We discourage employees from taking or borrowing each other’s supplies.

Be health conscious

  • When you work in close quarters, it is easy to transfer germs. Stay home if you are sick.
  • It’s good hygiene to cover your mouth when you cough, keep hand sanitizer on hand, don’t leave used tissues around, and wipe down the desk, computer keyboard and phone from time-to-time to help prevent germs from spreading.

Be conscientious

  • Continue to share information, respond to requests, be professional in meeting behaviour, contribute to creating a positive work environment and conflict resolution.
  • The constant dinging from messages and notifications can be distracting for both you and your co-workers. Change your call settings to vibrate or silent and check it at regular intervals if you’re expecting an important call or message. Use an appropriate cell phone ringtone.

Be clean

  • It is important to clean up after yourself. Wash dishes, wipe tables after use, and clear the refrigerator of your belongings. Clean your work areas at the end of the day.
  • Make sure the toilets are flushed using clean water and avoid urine spills.

Temper conversations

  • Discussions like religion, money, sex, politics, the coronavirus, vaccinations, statistics, etc., are often rooted in politics, and that is a conversation better fitted for outside work.
  • Don’t talk negatively about other people, don’t share stories about another person’s personal life.

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