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Before you talk to your crew about ladder safety, read these tips:
-Make sure the straight ladder is the proper length. It should extend 36” above
area of access.
-It should be on firm footing.
-Adjust ladder to proper slope (1 to 4).
-Ladders should not be painted (painting hide’s cracks, etc.).
-Clean dirty, oily and greasy rungs and side rails before climbing.
-Check conditions of rungs and side rails before climbing.
-Face the ladder when climbing. Never carry tools or materials up the ladder.
-Tie the ladder off at the top and cleat at the base.
-Never overreach when on a ladder. A way to remember this is to keep your belt buckle
between the rails at all times (this is know as the belly button rule!).
-Landings should be provides, if height exceeds 9m.
-Make sure ladders have toe boards.


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