ttb 34


-Wear work gloves when handling rough, sharp-edged or abrasive material such as chains, cables, ropes or slings.
-Lift the load from the center of hooks, not from the point.
-Protect slings from the sharp edges of their loads by placing pads over the sharp edges of the items that have been loaded.
-Protect the mesh gears from corrosion and weather elements by placing a cover over them.
-Inspect lifting equipment every 3 months and every 12 months by an approved inspection authority.
-Record inspections in the relevant registers.
-Display signage indicating carrying capacities.
-Plan for annual load testing by an approved inspection authority.


-Do not place your hands between the sling and its load when the sling is being tightened around the load.
-Do not alter or remove the safety latch on hooks. Do not use a hook that does not have a safety latch, or if the safety latch is bent.
-Do not use a kinked chain.
-Do not use chain slings if links are cracked, twisted, stretched or bent.
-Do not shorten slings by using make-shift devices such as knots or bolts.
-Do not inspect lifting equipment if you have not been appointed/trained to do so

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