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Some things to know before you give your talk: -If your crew is not using power actuated fastening tools on this job, determine which trades, where and when they will be used so that the talk can be given on a timely basis. -Arrange for a tool to be brought to the meeting, but only […]

Co-Founder Ingrid Osborne shares her leadership experience with Richard Branson

If you had asked Ingrid Osborne, Co-Founder of HSEC Online, 20 years ago if she could have pictured herself as one of 60 businessmen and women (only South African) in a room with Richard Branson and his Virgin Execs, her response would have been absolutely! Only because she’s that driven, motivated and passionate about changing […]

TOOLBOX TALK 21/60: Working with fuel

Even if it is only in fueling their vehicles to get to work, your crew comes in contact with Petrol and diesel in some capacity everyday. As supervisor, you need to warn them of the hazards of these fuels and the environmental pollution they can cause. Click here to download this weeks toolbox talk…