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TOOLBOX TALK 5/60 Flammable Liquids

TOPIC: FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS OBJECTIVE: TO PROMOTE AWARENESS OF THE DANGERS OF FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS Download Toolbox Talk As a supervisor, you should let your crew know a fact that surprises a lot of people about flammable liquids. And that fact is that it is the vapour rising from the liquid that burns, not the liquid itself. […]


Ask your crew to suppose they could buy two pocket size machines that could dress, wash and feed them. Machines that could write messages, operate tools and machinery, put things together and take them apart to provide a source of income. These machines exist but they are not for sale, because of course, they are […]

TOOLBOX TALK 26/60: 10 safety habits to live by

In most everything we do, we find a “trick” to make the process easier and faster. After we develop these tricks, they become work habits in our everyday activities. Developing everyday safety habits can keep you injury free at work or at home.   Click here to download this weeks toolbox talk….   .