General Rules

  • Obey all signs posted in the welding area.
  • Do not leave oily rags, paper or other combustible materials in the welding, cutting or brazing area.
  • Do not use worn or cracked hoses.
  • When welding, wear a welding helmet with filter plates and lenses, welding gloves, a long sleeve shirt, long pants, and an apron. Do not wear contact lenses when welding.

Oxy-Fuel Welding

  • Store compressed gas cylinders with the valve tightly closed and secure the valve protection cap in place. Secure or chain all cylinders in an upright position, to prevent them from falling over.
  • Securely fasten the regulator to the cylinder with a valve wrench. Use an open-ended wrench and not vice grips or pliers.
  • Do not use oil, grease or other lubricants on the regulator.
  • Use the proper tip cleaner to clean the tips.
  • Tighten all connections prior to use and inspect all connections for oil, debris or damage.
  • Inspect hoses and torches before use. Replace damaged, burned, worn, or leaking parts.
  • Never face the gauge while opening the cylinder valve.
  • Use a pressure gauge on every regulator.
  • Do not operate any pressure gauge beyond the top of its scale or near excessive heat or where there is excessive vibration.
  • Keep the pressure regulator clear at all times.
  • Use the red hose for gas fuel and the green hose for oxygen.
  • Ignite torches with friction lighters only. Do not use a cigarette lighter.
  • Ensure the cleanliness of the cylinder valves before use and clean the cylinder valves if necessary.
  • When shutting off the torch, close the gas cylinder valve first and let the remaining gas burn out of the hose before closing off the torch valve.

Arc Welding

  • Do not perform welding tasks while wearing wet cotton gloves or wet leather gloves.
  • Do not change electrodes with bare hands; use dry rubber gloves.
  • Do not use the welding apparatus if the power cord is cut, frayed, split or otherwise visibly damaged or modified.

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