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TOOLBOX TALK 21/60: Working with fuel

Even if it is only in fueling their vehicles to get to work, your crew comes in contact with Petrol and diesel in some capacity everyday. As supervisor, you need to warn them of the hazards of these fuels and the environmental pollution they can cause. Click here to download this weeks toolbox talk…

Here are 5 reasons why you should go paperless!

The motivation to “paperless” continues to increase for a number of major reasons. When it comes to safety and compliance documentation, HSEC Online gives FIVE reasons why companies should make the digital switch! Here are 5 reasons why: 1.The Vendor becomes responsible for capturing information. 2. Contractor management (or the other responsible person) only needs […]


Do’s: -Wear work gloves when handling rough, sharp-edged or abrasive material such as chains, cables, ropes or slings. -Lift the load from the center of hooks, not from the point. -Protect slings from the sharp edges of their loads by placing pads over the sharp edges of the items that have been loaded. -Protect the […]