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Powered by Saryx Engineering Group, HSEC Online® enables organisations of all sizes to proactively manage and track Health and Safety document compliance for the company, its people, and equipment. It is accessible on any device, from anywhere and at any time.

HSEC Online® is a cloud-based solution that provides a transparent, collaborative workflow platform for companies and personnel to securely capture, store, manage and distribute document compliance information online and in real-time.

Health, Safety, Environment and Communities (HSEC) requirements are mutually inclusive in that both company and contractor must be compliant. With HSEC Online® both parties have access to the status of pending applications which enables them to send communication and receive automatic reminders about items that require attention.

Ensure your company is not at risk when it comes to Health and Safety regulatory compliance


  • Manage company documentation: tax clearance certificates, Letter of Good Standing, company policies and procedures
  • Manage employee/ contractor certification and qualifications: occupational health medicals, safety training and licenses
  • Email notification: HSEC Online® sends email notifications of certifications that will expire and require attention
  • Asset and clothing management: manage allocation of corporate clothing, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), laptops, cell phones, books and CDs
  • Manage contracts with contractors/ clients: use HSEC Online® to keep track of expiring contracts
  • Incident management and reporting
  • Risk assessments: audits become so easy.

Saves time and money

  • HSEC Online® is an affordable cloud-based software solution that empowers organisations and personnel to easily capture, distribute and collaboratively manage company compliance information online and in real-time
  • HSEC Online® has proven to eliminate hours of wasted time, save thousands in operational costs and dramatically decrease the IT burden which is currently trying to maintain up-to-date certificate information
  • When time is money, HSEC Online® provides a huge ROI to companies
  • HSEC Online® ensures that your organisation is not at risk when having to comply with necessary health and safety standards.

Why use an online system?

  • All the data on HSEC Online® is backed up daily
  • Access the system from anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night
  • Caught at a client without your paperwork? Login to HSEC Online® from their PC and download the required documentation.

What is HSEC Online®?

Don’t be reactive, get proactive with HSEC Online®

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