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HSEC Online® enables us to proactively track all document compliance on one platform

“We started using HSEC Online® as a document sharing platform with one client. We could see the value of the system and decided to adopt the system for Feedback Electronics.  We found that HSEC Online® is much more than just a document sharing solution; we now use HSEC Online® for our electronic repair tickets that helps us track progress and provide professional reports to our clients.

HSEC Online® enables us to track our internal training certificates and medicals; the system notifies us 30 days prior to expiration, and this ensures that our certification is always up to date. HSEC Online® has made our lives easier and more convenient from daily COVID-19 tracking to document sharing with corporate clients. All on one platform.”

– Dirk Pieterse, Safety Officer. Feedback Electronics

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South32 Contractor Management Acknowledgements

“South32 HMM Contractor Management would like to acknowledge Danielle and Leonie for their nonstop support and availability to our team whenever we need advice, support or just a quick brainstorming session about HSEC Online® functionality and improvements. We are blessed to have these ladies on our side and may I even go as far as to say IN OUR TEAM. Attached is a modest recognition certificate for each.”

– Linda Visser (IRMCert), Coordinator Contractor Mobilisation, Wessels Mine

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Jormid implements HSEC Online® to achieve 97% compliance in 2 months

Jormid specialises in open-mine new machine erections and assemblies as well as dragline, shovel, drill, excavator, truck, stacker reclaimer, material handling plant and equipment maintenance, repairs, rebuilds and refurbishments. Mobility is key to our business, and we are well established with mobile amenities such as offices, boardrooms, tea rooms, tool containers and site-specific equipment.

Jormid implemented HSEC Online® to comply to a new client’s contractor management requirements and was pleasantly surprised with the easy workflow to implement the program. Jormid achieved a 97% compliance within 2 months of implementation.
We are currently expanding the rollout of HSEC Online® within the Jormid Group to enhance our current ISO-aligned integrated SHEQ Management System, and to possibly replace some of the existing programs where this program provides better features.

Gert Kuhn – Safety Manager, Jormid Group

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HSEC Online® makes safety sense and quality sense

“Richards Bay Crane Hire has been providing crane hire rigging and services to the industry and businesses within the Richards Bay area since 1998 and is committed to providing professional services that align with changes in the industry. To this end machinery and equipment is maintained, safety checks on machinery are carried out on a regular basis, operator (or driver) medicals are kept up to date, and operator training is conducted on a regular basis.

When HSEC Online® was introduced to us, we quickly realised that this solution would help us to track all the dates for medicals, training, and control documentation more effectively and efficiently. With the implementation of HSEC Online®, RBCH can now keep track of site inductions, medicals, track six monthly and annual checks for mobile cranes, as well as proactively manage all health and safety documentation and legal compliance.

HSEC Online® aligns with ISO 9001 and this works perfectly to get us compliant and audit ready at any given time of the day. All documents can be accessed via a cell phone from anywhere! I advise companies to use HSEC Online® from the beginning, it is a great tool to assist businesses to align themselves with industry norms in terms of paperwork and safety compliance. It is scalable and there are many modules to implement with full support and training offered by a team of experts. RBCH plans to be fully aligned to an ISO 9001 system, and to have all inventory controls and checklists 100% up to date using HSEC Online®.”

– Natasha Dhaver, Safety Manager at RBCH

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“I have been using HSEC Online® for 4 years and haven’t got a single negative thing to say about it. It has revolutionized the way that I implement, track, and maintain all the health and safety requirements that I may have, and speeds up the process of completing the on-boarding on new sites.

As On Point Safety we found that the corporate sites where HSEC Online® is being used, the implementation of site requirements have been simplified and gain a clear and concise understanding of what is required to complete all legal and site requirements through the placeholders set by Saryx Engineering Group on behalf of the client. The only logical step was to register to become a certified consultant to get on board with a system that truly works.

The placeholders that include all expiry dates have made life a lot easier to track and remain legally compliant as per the site requirements ensuring that we have ample time to plan and implement requirements prior to expiry and that our clients have not lost time on site due to expired documents.

In several meetings on site, it has also been mentioned that the system makes it substantially more convenient to track the compliance of each contractor which in turn caused a great upward trend on terms of overall compliance.

I would like to take the opportunity to highly recommend HSEC Online® to anyone who might need a system to take their company along with all their health and safety compliance requirements to the next level. The system makes life a lot easier and the backup service that is provided is both professional and executed in a timely manner.”

-Juan Surmon, Director, On Point Safety

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“Being in the waste industry we need to ensure that we are always compliant. We were introduced to Saryx Engineering Group and their digital health and safety document management solution called HSEC Online®, and it has been an investment well made. This solution ensures that we update all our documents before they expire, all our staff training is up to date, and it assists in COVID-19 tracking. Saryx constantly adds new features to HSEC Online® which assist companies to have a complete integrated management system and even assist in toolbox talk topics and training.

Since the use of HSEC Online®, audits are no longer a nightmare, and we can ensure our clients that with our compliance they remain compliant. The Saryx team, especially Danielle Lubbe, is always ready to assist us with any query and changes we need done on our system. Their staff are friendly, professional, and efficient. I strongly suggest that each company invests in this document management solution to ensure their HSEQ compliance.”

-Gwen Phillips, Automotive Waste Management

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‘’No more bulky safety files to carry around the store, and the daily reminders of gaps in our safety documentation make sure that we are never caught unprepared on site. I wish all our customers would use it!’’

-Vanessa Dean, Site Weighing & Instrumentation Services

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We value our relationship with Saryx and HSEC Online® which is based on experience, skills, trust, and integrity between the two organisations.

Scribante Group chose Saryx and its product HSEC Online® to provide a better Electronic Management System than what was currently available in the market. The following makes HSEC Online® exceptional:

  • Excellent customer service with same day feedback
  • Excellent advice and recommendations
  • Open to challenging situations
  • Excellent HSEC Online® support
  • HSEC Online® is user friendly and easy to use
  • HSEC Online® is quick and easy to set up and is well priced
  • Immediate access to data and information”

-Freddie Posthumas, Group SHEG Manager, Scribante Group

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“In 2012, the way HSE was run in Aluref South Africa started to change because of a new system which was implemented. This system is called HSEC Online® which translates to health, safety, environment community online, which is just that. HSEC Online® is not just a system which assists with keeping your procedures updated and your trainings valid, it is a growing and improving community where ideas are taken into consideration and implemented into the system, HSEC Online® is not just a stagnant program where you say I wish the system could do this or that, because if you speak to the professional team at Saryx Engineering Group, they will make it happen with everything within their power.”

-Ivan Hartman, Senior HSE Officer, STAREF Qatar

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“Saryx has proven to be agile, flexible and each time they are presented with a challenge they are able to assist with smart, well-informed, user friendly solutions within impressive time frames.”

– Preggy Chetty, Hillside Aluminium

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“Saryx rose to the challenge in supplying us with HSEC Online®. They over delivered on all our expectations and had enough time to attended to the nice to have functionality requests that came from our employees at the coalface.”

– André Wolhüter, Aluref (Pty) Ltd

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“Saryx plays a crucial part in the software development and support processes at Richards Bay Coal Terminal. Their software architects, developers and database administrators have assisted the RBCT staff in developing multiple software projects that improve the business processes and workflow at RBCT. They design and implement applications with intuitive user interfaces to enhance interaction.”

– Silven Chetty, Richards Bay Coal Terminal

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