Testimonials (placeholders)

Ivan Hartman, Senior HSE Officer, STAREF Qatar

“In 2012, the way HSE was run in Aluref South Africa started to change because of a new system which was implemented. This system is called HSEC Online® which translates to health, safety, environment community online, which is just that. HSEC Online® is not just a system which assists with keeping your procedures updated and your trainings valid, it is a growing and improving community where ideas are taken into consideration and implemented into the system, HSEC Online® is not just a stagnant program where you say I wish the system could do this or that, because if you speak to the professional team at Saryx Engineering Group, they will make it happen with everything within their power.”

André Wolhüter (Aluref (Pty) Ltd)

“Saryx rose to the challenge in supplying us with HSEC Online®. They over delivered on all our expectations and had enough time to attended to the nice to have functionality requests that came from our employees at the coalface.”


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